Czasoprzestrzen Garden

The initiative was started by international EVS volunteers in April 2018. Together with volunteers from Poland, a project of the Community Garden was initiated, at the back of the Dąbie depot. This is an over 1000 smq space, which aim was to transform to new, beautiful place to benifit the volunteers and the local community of Wroclaw. The Community Garden was a project alive, growing, changing, it was a place where every pair of hands were coming in handy.

It was a “Wonder Garden”: a place of possibilities, planned over the principles of permaculture and sustainable plant growth, including a greenhouse and a vertical garden contrsuction. By creating Wonder Garden, volunteers and everyone interested in helping them were learning and developing a whole range of skills in the field of biology, ecology, construction, teamwork and design. Thanks to this, a workplace was created, but also a place for rest and have intercultural meetings.

In 2018, a European Youth Exchange Project was also implememented in the garden, where several people from different European countries came to Wroclaw for a week to develop their ideas to make the garden flourish. The project led also to the costruction of a self-built greenhouse, made out of recycled materials.

What is happening now in the garden?

Due to unfortunate reconstruction work, in 2019 Czasoprzesten was forced to leave some of the land on which this beautiful project stood back to the municipality of Wroclaw, leading to the disimissing of most the work done by the volunteers. It was an unfortunate and sad circumstance for the garden, but don’t worry, because after the winter, spring will always arrive. And that was what happened in 2020. The Wonder Garden project is reborn: the current ESC long-term volunteers, in collaboration with Tratwa association and polish volunteers from the neighourhood, already started working in the recostruction in the space.

So, the future of our garden seems just bright: a lot of people and energy will bring, in Spring and Summer 2021, the place the beauty it deserves. It would be also the scenario where the cycle of short term ESC projects “European Solidarity in Action” will take place over June, July and August 2021. Here 90 volunteers from several European country will come to Wroclaw to help us regenerate the place and gift a new space to all the local community.

Want to know more about the initiative? Visit the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering section.

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