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PPM Zajezdnia is a social, cultural and educational center runned by TRATWA in Wrocław-Popowice. Almost 15 years ago, in 2007 TRATWA started, inspired by other european countries, looking for opportunities to have their own cultural center, to work with youth. There were a few objects in Wrocław that matched these ideas. In a conversation with the Director of City Hall’s Department of Community Affairs, it became apparent that there was a not anymore used bus depot in the East of the city which was in need of renovation. In autumn 2007 the contract was signed. „Pracownia Projektów Interkulturowych Zajezdnia“ (Studio of Intercultural Projects) – a place of informal and non-formal education for young people – was founded.  

From the beginning activities carried out in PPM Zajezdnia were connected with volunteering. The adaptation of the building was possible thanks to the involvement of volunteers from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Italy, which have been involved in the renovation work during workcamps organised since 2007.

PPM ZAJEZDNIA today is first of all a meeting place. Similar to the idea in 2007, we can find a place for young people : The Youth Club „MOJE MIEJSCE” (My place) – above all a place of self-realisation and self-development for young people. 

Anyone can find refuge there. The youth animators try to build close relationships with young people and accompany them in the process of discovering their own identity. The core value is diversity and room for experimentation.

Similar to us – ESC-volunteers – the young people also have the possibility to provide or take part in different workshops (f.ex. dancing, cooking or theatre) or even carry out their own projects.

One of last projects was a found-raiser in January for a boy who lost his arm during an accident, where the young people managed to collect during three days in Rynek 3 107,16 zł!

Besides, the building allows for around thirty people. This makes youth exchanges, f.ex. with their partner city Rosenheim from Germany, possible. In the different spaces of the building (concert room, conference room, workshop rooms)   occasional meetings (Christmas Eve, Karnaval, staff meetings), concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings, workshops, trainings and seminars take place. 

In PPM Zajezdnia we can get involved in the youth club – take part in events or do projects with the young people or the seniors. We also make English, Italian, Spanish and French classes for the seniors. 

Summarizing, PPM Zajezdnia is a place with a lot of potential for projects, workshops and events!

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