Volunteering in Czasoprzestrzeń

Welcome to the ZAJEZDNI DĄBIE revitalization project: the project joined forces and ideas to create the CENTER FOR ACADEMIC CULTURE and LOCAL INITIATIVES “CZASOPRZESTRZEN”. An inactive antique tram depot, Czaso – how it is fondly referred by people who work here – was the second facility the local authorities decided to put in the care of our organization, after the success of Youth Center Legnicka 65. In 2017, we started the renovation of the space and together we create the Center for Academic Culture and Local Initiatives “Czasoprzestrzeń” (Time and Space in English). This is where the headquarters of 12 volunteers of the ESC project “Volunteering is sharing” will be located.

The development of the place has been undertaken by a partnership of 12 entities established for this purpose. Each partner will take care of what they know best, so that the object functions in many spaces and is intended for different audiences: children, students, seniors, and others. Workshops, meetings, and events will take place here. Even though Czaso is an inactive tram stop, it is currently being used as a provisory stop for two tram lines (line 2 and line 10) while some construction is being done on the outside, which has been proved to be an advantage for the volunteers that can come inside the space by public transport.

It is divided in seven different physical spaces: two depots (north and south), a concert club (Łącznik), the main office, the music studio, the Hackerspace, and the ESC volunteer’s office, Czasoprzestrzeń is a place where culture and the city meet. The North depot – also called “the dark depot” where the night is dark and full of terrors (GOT reference guys) – is a big place with a lot of possibilities, manly for concerts and exhibition with more of a serious tone (because it does not have a lot of light inside); the South depot, also called “the light depot”, is also a big place ideal for inside picnics, environmental projects, flea markets, and projects where an inside space with light is needed.

Klub Łącznik is our concert space. Łącznik is ideal if you want to do something related to music, visuals, movies, and theatre because it has a professional sound system and is equipped with a projector and white screen. It also has a backstage, which is ideal for a small exhibition, photo session, recordings and also preparation room for a bigger project; we have then the Main office: this space has the offices of people that work in Czaso, an industrial printing machine for posters, flyers, and others, supplies for projects (connected to the basement) and also an empty room that can be rented for outside people or used by the volunteers for projects, called The Yellow Room. In the main office you can also find the Janina Ochojska´s office, which is our representative of the European Parliament. Let’s talk then about Hackerspace: it is a community of people created by technology enthusiasts, aimed at exchanging knowledge and supporting activities promoting technology, education, and art. As part of the activities, they organize various events, courses, workshops or short lectures. At the end of 2014, they were formally registered as a non-governmental organization called Stowarzyszenie Hackerspace Wrocław and they offer a common place for work and meetings. The meetings are every Wednesday at 19:00 and they are open meetings, available to anyone interested.

Other than that, we also these two spaces:

Music studio: behind the main office you can find our own music studio, with two recording rooms and full equipment ready for a band rehearsal. This space can also be rented by outside people and used by the volunteers. It is currently used every Thursday by the band created by the volunteers.

ESC office: together as volunteers, we help the place to bloom and organize all kinds of events, for example, an exposition about Refugees in Greece, workshops about theatre, a project called “Creative Box” for kids that live in an orphanage, collecting clothes for people in need, workshops with home-schooled kids every Tuesday, in a project called “Language Factory” and so much more. In our office we create our group and personal/individual projects, such as music group project, promotion and social group project and a lot of individual projects currently in development.

As a connection space for culture and people, we hope to see you soon!

Where can you find us?

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