The project consists of a three days festival of Visual and Contemporary Arts, that will be focused more specifically on three forms of art: Photography, Cinema and Contemporary Art. Each exhibition is going to be structured differently, but they are all going to be enlivened by a common concept, which is the topic, “the relationship between humankind and nature in the 21st century Anthropocene”. The main goal of the initiative is to involve the local community of artists and citizens in the process of art making and to promote social inclusion and cohesion.
The Contemporary Art exhibition is going to be open to artists, either studying in this field, or in general for emergent local artist that are willing to express themselves on the topic. The idea is to create installations and place them all over Czasoprzestrzeń, to be fully admirable by visitors and to make them dialogue with the environment around.
The Photography exhibition aims at reaching and involving local artists, but also children from local schools and youth centres. In fact, the exhibition is going to be divided in two sections (with a proportion of ¾ and ¼ relevance): artists are going to expose their works together with works made by children. The aim is to have a broader panoramic on how the theme is perceived and interpretated at different levels, and to foster creative skills and critical thinking by promoting synergies between education and culture.
The cinema exhibition is going to be a short movie open contest. There is no age limit, no professional background needed and no technicalities requested: only creativity at its purest power. Each short movie is going to be shown during the exhibition, to give visibility and exposure to the participants, and at the end of the festival a jury is going to give recognitions to the winners.


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