“Big heart, Warm hands and feet”

On the 24th and 25th of November, the volunteers kick started their first Social/Solidarity Project with the aim of helping people in need during this winter. Before the event, the volunteers had gone to places all over the city, like Rynek and Hala Targowa, to put up posters (Polish-English version) inviting people to take part in the initiative and donate whatever they could. A partnership was made with the association CARITAS to be able to distribute everything that was collected and to make sure that it reached the people that needed the most. During the event, a tent was set on Plac Solny, the center of Wrocław and together with that, animation, cupcakes and cookies were provided by the volunteers to call the attention of people and ask for their contribution.In the end, more than 200 articles of clothes, socks, gloves and scarfs for men, women and children were collected. The clothes were given to CARITAS and other associations and this winter they will make someone’s life happier and warmer. We thank you for your solidarity!


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