CARITAS Christmas Food Packages

(noun) Compassion.

1. Deep awareness of the distress of others coupled with the wish to relieve it.

2. Benevolence. Empathy. Humanity. Kindness. Mercy. Tenderheartedness. Sympathy. Tenderness.

3. Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

During the past week the volunteers were promoted to little Santa’s helpers by being part of CARITAS‘ and Czasoprzestrzén’s collaboration Christmas project. The goal of the project was to deliver two thousand packages for people in need during this holiday season.

Together with the help of Caritas, the army and outside volunteers, the group built carton boxes and after filled them with first need goods, like rice, pasta, flour, ogóreki kiszone, canned vegetables and other products. Inside the boxes there were also sweets and postcards decorated by kids with individual personal messages. Some of the packages will be delivered by the volunteers on the 21st.

Thank you for your compassion! 🤍

#europeansolidaritycorps 🇪🇺 #poland 🇵🇱

For more information check the following article from the local newspaper, and our social media

Some pictures were taken from, made by J. Leja

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