Creative box

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein
"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." - Edward de Bono
"The creative adult is the child who survived." - Ursula Leguin
"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Last Christmas happened to be the first one in COVID situation. Some kids couldn’t enjoy as usually this beautiful period full of joy, solidarity and happiness. But ESC Tratwa volunteers were there to help to change this.

During the whole month of December 2020 they worked (all together!) on the project so-called “Creative Box”. But it was in fact three boxes, divided in the following categories: science, art and crafts and environment. Firstly, there was a huge time of brainstorming. Then, present the ideas to the rest of the group. Finally, start working!

The group of volunteers distributed their efforts to work parallel. Each box was carried out by 4 volunteers. The aim was to fill the boxes with games and experiments that the kids from a foster shelter could enjoy and learn by playing.

There you can see same examples that you could find in the boxes:

– Artistic and craft box: puzzle of Europe (made by a laser cutter!), polish-english and polish-spanish domino, bookmarks…

– Environment box: seeds bomb, seeds necklace, a bee house and even a terrarium!

– Science box: potatoes lamp, self-inflating balloon, colorful flowers…

Besides all of this, the music team created an amazing Christmas video clip to get into the mood of this beautiful period of the year! Once the boxes were full of content, the volunteers decorated the outside of the boxes to make them colorful and lovely ;), and delivered them to the kids!

We are glad that they enjoyed the “Creative Box(es)” as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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