European Solidarity in Action

It’s been more than a year since the world slowed down. Youth and culture suffered enough, it is time to do something about it. Therefore we present to you the project European solidarity in action : an ambitious and incredible project led by Tratwa association which aims to help the youth, the cultural space and the local community to recover and move forward after lockdowns.

In summer 2021, ninety young people will be invited for a 2 months journey in Poland. Participants will have the opportunity to live in the marvelous city of 100 bridges, Wroclaw and to assemble their power to help the local community. This exciting adventure will be animated by workshops approaching different topics such as photography, graphic design, stage acoustic, event management, movie making. Also training and meetings will be led by local NGOs which are working in various fields; racism, feminism, LGBTQI+, poverty, social exclusion, gentrification and many others. But not only ! They will have the possibility to create and organise one big event where they can considerably impact the local community of Wroclaw. And additionally we will propose help to recover mentally from the impact of Covid 19 lockdown. It is time to MOVE ON! COME AND JOIN !

Where to apply ?


31st of May 2021 – 25th of July 2021

| European Youth Portal (


26th of July 2021 – 19th of September 2021

| European Youth Portal (

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