Blood is essential in healing patients in need and saving lives. It is important to understand that the decision to donate blood can save someone’s life. That’s why every liter of blood counts. 

Most people can give blood if they are fit and healthy, but there are some rules for donors. In Poland unfortunately foreigners cannot donate blood if they don’t have a PESEL tax registration number and/or don’t speak polish. It is not possible for them to donate blood because you have to fill in the questionnaire in Polish, and also to talk to the staff and the doctor in the blood donation center the polish language is required. I consider this a form of discrimination, because it would be possible to create a questionnaire in English/in other languages or to implement a day on which foreigners could donate blood (in English/or in other languages). 

To make people aware about this problem and also to try to change this situation, I would like to start a campaign. This campaign will consist of a video and an Online Petition. The petition will be sent to the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for the blood donor centers. The petition is intended to raise awareness about the problem and to give possible solutions for the existing problem. People living in Poland will be able to sign this petition online.  

The plan for the video will look as follows. The video is going to last 2-3 minutes and it is going to be divided in three parts:

1st part: Information about the importance of Blood Donation

  • Why is it important? 
  • How works Blood Donation? + some facts about it 
  • Where you can get information and where you can donate blood? 

2nd part: different people talk about blood donation, with english and polish subtitles 

  • people with different experiences concerning blood donation 
  • how often they donate, since when they donate, why they donate, which blood type they have
  • foreigners underline that they can unluckily not donate blood 

3rd part: final summary

  • What is the problem?
  • Law situation in Poland 
  • Connection with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • talk about the petition 
  • talk about possible solutions (questionnaire in english, day for foreigners)   

The aim of the project is, also, to remember the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and to make people aware that racism also exists in blood donation, where it is not so much expected. In no way I want to put blood donation in a negative light. Therefore I will draw attention to the importance of blood donation in the beginning of the video. Also my goal is to collect as many signatures as possible for sending the petition to the Health Ministry. 

“I personally have never donated blood. I always wanted to do it. For this reason I will go to donate blood on the 16th of March in Wrocław. When I was reading about blood donation in Poland, I got to know that foreigners without a PESEL and/or without Polish knowledge cannot donate blood in Poland. This is for me discriminiton because every liter of blood is important to save lives. For this reason, I have been thinking about a campaign and a petition regarding this issue in the last weeks. That’s how I got in touch with Maciej Mandelt from Nomada, who thought my idea was great and offered his help in promotion.  Additonally the period from the International Day fo the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to the World Blood Donor Day is ideal for a campagn like this.”Laura, 20 years old, from Germany

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