EVS 2014

EVS 2014: Take Risks And Travel With Ambition

Seven years, especially when you are in your 20s, could sound like a remarkable amount of time. Seven years ago it was 2014: I was seventeen, right in the middle of high school, and while I was busy dealing with math and silly boys problem, Tratwa was officialy hosting his first trial round of European Voluntary Service volunteers: Zè and Maria from Portugal, Reece from Northen Ireland and Başak from Turkey.

Czasopreszten was still not existent at that time: the volunteering activities were taking place in Moje Miejsce, the Youth Center run by Tratwa in the Legnicka building (we talked about it here). The task of the volunteers were about supporting on the youth work done by Kuba, implementing new activities and giving – of course – a focus on multiculturality to the young people of the center.

We have the possibility to know a few things about this volunteering period thank to the work of Maria: she created a blog, still avaible online (here). The name of it is: “Take Risks And Travel With Ambition”. Evocative, right? Well, try also to consider just the initial letter of every work and put it togheder, and you will see the additional cleverness of it.

Peeping in the blog

  • Vietnamese cooking class – 10th April 2014

  • Work Camp – 15th May 2014

  • Dance project – 13th June 2014
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