Film is alive

My passion has always been film photography and the goal of this project is to show everyone that FILM IS ALIVE!

My mission is to end the project with approx one thousand photographs and for this I will buy in total thirty films to shoot – one film per week, from the start of the project until September.At the same time, once a week, I’m going to develop the film in the laboratory in the Legnicka building photography laboratory: at the moment the space is not in use, but I want to revitalize it and make it accessible again through manteniance work.

I want to reactivate the Legnicka Dark Room also in order to be able to give workshops for the youth of Legnicka, and giving the other volunteers the chance to develop their personal projects about this topic. I will start to prepare the space at the end of February 2021 and I will make an inventory to check that all the material is ready; in the days I will go to develop my film in this laboratory one or two person will also have the possibility to join me, so I will explain to them the different techniques. For this it will be some teenagers of Legnicka or some volunteers.

The idea is to share with photographs my everyday life as a foreigner in Poland, I will create an instagram account where I will post daily photos of the things that call my attention in Poland. It will be a mix of Documentary Photography and Street Photography. The photos will be posted as well by other accounts of TRATWA to make difusion of the project. It can be used to show what we do in Tratwa as volunteers and the everyday living in Poland as a foreigner.

For the closure of the project I want to make an exposition with the best photos.

“I’m a professional photographer that loves to work in old techniques and I want to continue working in this beautiful method. I love Poland and Wroclaw in particular architecture and vibe in the streets.” Valentina, 25 years old, from Mexico

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