Homeschooling Kids Animation

Every week, on tuesday afternoon, we have an constant appointement: the language factory event with our kids group, cosisting in animation activities aimed to kids 9-13 years old, touching different educational topics through games and fun as the non-formal education methods imply. What are our activities about? Arts and crafts, paint and self discovery, music and cooking food from different countries, but also workshops about social issues and environmental issues.

For more pictures, visit our social medias linked below.

Why we decided to carry this project? In this period of continuous restrictions, social relationships are put to the test in different contexts and age groups, but for the childrens this age they are a very important factor in understanding themselves: they are necessary experiences to discover their personality and find the group they belong to within a social context. Unfortunately, right now the only safe way to socialize is with an electronic device: school classes are online with distance-learning formula, outdoor sports activities are restricted and public spaces in the open air are not deemed safe, adding in plus the tension of the parents, having to readjust their routines with the new working and economic standards.

Unfortunately, everything is still new and society is not ready to give public assistance to family groups that cannot better manage this situation of change, so spaces like the animation we are offering are very important for the preservation and protection of children’s rights.

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