Language classes for seniors

One of the permanent social projects of Tratwa consist in a series of weekly activities aimed for people over 65, resident in the Legnicka building area. One time for week, the volunteers, usually international volunteers mothertongue in the target language, provide language classes of their native language (or english).

At the moment, what we provide is:

  • English: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Italian: beginner
  • French: beginner
  • Spanish: beginner

The social values of these activity is important: first of all, it is provided to seniors a possibility to spend their retirement time in a engaging way, keeping their brain energy and having fun. In addition to that, the presence and the possibility of contact with young international people is keeping for them the connection to a the world as it whole, keeping an open mind and openess about the society changes and a new generations of world citizen.

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