People’s agora

The aim is to develop several colloquiums and debate workshops for young people with the collaboration of people from the academic and professional world. The first aim of the project is stimulating the public debate about issues shared by everyone due to our common belonging to a community. As Europeans are our moral duty to ask ourselves about what can be improved, what is not working in our institutions either national or supranational. How these dysfunctions are affecting the European youth? How pandemic is altering the future opportunities of young? These and more topics related to the youth situation in Europe will be addressed.

The intention is to create the proper environment where the audience may feel involved with the topics in the discussion just as encourage the audience to participate and share their opinions about the topics. The ideal place to celebrate this event would be the garden of Czasoprzestrzeń since it is able to accommodate people in the outside and in this way we will be able to avoid any danger due to the COVID-19. The embodiment of the colloquiums will be in different series according to the successive engagement of groups. Besides the volunteers and the youngsters, it is invited to participate any citizen of Wroclaw and surrounds who is interested in the topics.

Alejandro Fernández Pons

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