Volunteers’ personal projects

Some defined Tratwa’s ESC long-term project a platform. In fact, the meaning of “Tratwa” in polish language is something similar to that: litteraly meaning raft, it refers to “a flat structure used as a boat or floating platform”, “a layer of reinforced concrete forming the foundation of a building”. A basis. And this is what Tratwa wants to offer for the people who makes the decision to get involved: a space to express their personal idea, offering mentoring and funding.

Our volunteers come from the very diverse background, therefore that is the source of variety you’ll see in the projects below.

3D Printed Prosthesis for Kids

Antonio Rodríguez Gómez-Guillamón – Spain

(T)ratwa for Hospice

Laura Dombek – Germany


Andrès Maldonado Villarino – Mexico

Full Belly, Happy Heart

Bryan Rodriguez – Italy

Spread the Voice!

Giulia Gotti – Italy

What I am…NOT

Helena Canico – Portugal


Laura Dombek – Germany

People’s agora

Alejandro Fernández Pons – Spain


Virginia Marcolini – Italy

Film is alive

Valentina Rèndon Rivanedera – Mexico


Virginia Marcolini – Italy

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