3D printed prosthesis for kids

The project aims to design and print 3d model customized prosthesis using 3D Printers. These prosthesis will be for kids who are not able to pay standard prosthesis. Thanks to 3D Printing the producing cost of these prosthesis is considerably lower (50 €). The first step will be to make an initial not-customized prototype. Then, contacting people who have this need in order to make customized designs. On the way, potential sponsors will be contacted to fundraise cusomized prosthesis. A very important partner is going to the Hackerspace association. Hackerspace is a community of people created by technology enthusiasts, aimed at exchanging knowledge and supporting activities promoting technology, education and art. At the end of 2014, they were formally registered as a non-governmental organization called Stowarzyszenie Hackerspace Wrocław. Their headquarter is inside the Czaso building complex, available for use and collaboration, and includes a huge variety of electronic and mechanical tools (both hand and electric), as well as materials to develop every project to these topics.

The aim of the project is personal learning of the bases of 3D printing and prothesis design, gathering data and documentation for next uses and setting up the contacts needed to develop future designs.

Antonio Rodríguez Gómez-Guillamón

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