Space for Art

The project aims to create and run a space to develop art, mainly painting and drawing. Many times art is considered like just a leisure activity or a hobby, but creating this space allows people interested not only to have the possibility to develop their skills but also encourage and support a local community where they can share knowledge, time, points of view and experience. The space will have the basic material to work on different techniques: oleo painting, pencils, charcoals, watercolors, easels, canvas, etc. It also allows the painters and drawers to keep their work safe while they are working on it. The space for art will be used certain times a week (depending on requests), and there will be always at least a volunteer/mentor in charge. This person should have art-related-skills in order to be able to give support.

The aim is basically to get rid of the impediments and obstacles that people could find on the way when they want to learn/improve/work on their artistic skills: removing any barrier which people interested in art could find (economical, space, support, experience, etc) allowing them to stimulate interest in art, as well give the opportunity to develop their artistic skills. It is going to be created, also, a community which could lead into future expositions and events.

“The motivation for this project comes from my own interest in art and seeing the lack of spaces dedicated to giving the opportunity to develop artistic skills from when children are little. Regarding experience, I have carried out several activities and events, some of them related to culture, and negotiations to engage partners. Besides, I have developed artistic skills by myself.” – Tono, 26 years old, from Spain

Antonio Rodríguez Gómez-Guillamón

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