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Tratwa is hosting European projects since 2014: it means seven years, with over 60 international volunteers involved long-term in the organization. A lot of personal projects were ideated, implemented and finalized by many international volunteers, touching the widest range of topics. Where are they now? What was the outcome?

About these projects just a very tiny or almost zero feedback arrived to the public: the actual website has not been uploaded in years and also the present material does not look like to have a real organization, losing the full-potential image. The aim of the project is then to create a new “ESC 2020-21” website, an online database of personal projects and a nice “business card” for the Tratwa volunteers project and their daily work. It is going to be divided in various section, giving first an overview about Tratwa and its building, and then collecting material and text connected to personal projects, group activities, events, volunteers articles and projects implemented in the past six EVS years (2014-2019). What is wanted is to create a space in Tratwa website where to show the volunteers’ work in the best light to the public: external people will be able to closely follow our work in a more exhaustive way than the social media allows, and also the volunteers themselves to be able to show it to their friends and family and being inspirational to others and to themselves. The main point is to get something permanent: even if there are not so many readers in the publishing moment, it is going to stay online and be available also after years.

“ I really like writing: over high school I was one of the editors of the school magazine and in my 20’s I tried to keep up with extracurricular writing practice. In university I did a bachelor in Literature studies and I was also writing short stories than I was reading to the public during open mic events; I was for 6 months part of a creative writing group. About motivation, I appreciate so much all the amazing work we are doing, so I want to try to put my effort to make it visible to the public and to make it get the proper recognition. “ – Giulia, 24 years old, from Italy.

Giulia Gotti

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