(T)ratwa for Hospice

The project “T(ratwa) for Hospice” is an activity which aims to build two wooden “T-boxes” to collect different kinds of plastic caps (from beverages to shampoos, cosmetics and household chemicals). Therefore, the box will have on the side an opening to throw in the caps and at the bottom a lockable opening for emptying the boxes when they are full. The front is made of plexiglass to make the purpose which the box fulfils visible and also to see the progress of the collection.  This collection intends to support the action “Nakrętki dla Hospicjum 2020/2021” existing in Wrocław since 11 years, which is giving collected caps to a recycling point to use the money for the treatment of the kids in the hospice.  Around the city there are about ten metal hearts with similar measures for the collection of plastic caps. Inspired by these hearts, the “T’-boxes” represent the support of TRATWA to the hospice. The boxes are going to be blue like the TRATWA logo. One box is going to stand next to the entry to the Office building in Czasoprzestrzeń and the second box in Legnicka building. Having a box in both places is giving to the local community the possibility to throw in their collected caps. 

The intention is to create homemade boxes to use the existing materials in Czasoprzestrzeń and Legnicka. Besides, the boxes are going to be created with the help of the Legnicka youth group in Czasoprzestrzeń. The expected outcome of the project is to make more available places in the city for the cap collection for the Kids Hospice (Czasoprzestrzeń in Wielka Wyspa district and Legnicka in Popowice district), as well to give the Legnicka youth group the possibility to get out of their neighbourhood and get in contact with the ESC volunteers and get to know the Czasoprzestrzeń space. It also aims to reduce plastic trash.

“ While I was researching social projects in Wrocław, I found the action “Nakrętki dla Hospicjum 2020/2021”. Personally, I didn’t know about this initiative before. I consider it as a very nice project because almost everybody is throwing away plastic caps whitout really thinking about it. I realised that in PPM Zajezdnia (Legnicka building) there is a paper box next to the reception with plastic caps, and no one is really paying attention to it. Also in Czaso there is a box in the kitchen which is not very visible. This is the reason why I got motivated: I want to create a box which is bigger, more visible and outside available and also to improve the promotion so the effectiveness of the collection of caps can be increased. For me it is personally ideal to create this sort of project: my visions and aims while creating a project are to help a specific target group, to involve the local community and to do something meaningful for Tratwa association ” – Laura, 20 years old, Germany

Laura Dombek

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