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The project is a photography exhibition from women to women. The aim of the project is to start a discussion about the misconceptions suffered by women throughout their whole lives. The exhibition will be divided by three spaces: the dark one, the bright one and the interactive one. In the dark site, this part of the exposition will have a dark background with white low light. The pictures will be taken with an illusion of nudity, no makeup or accessories and with the bad labels project on the models. In the bright side, this part of the exposition will have colourful warm light. Here the pictures will be free of misconceptions and will show the reality as it is. Women will appear on the picture as they are, with or without makeup, with or without jewellery and with their favourite outfit. Here their true labels, “pretty”, “doctor”, “passionate”, “strong willed”, etc, will be projected around them as if it was a layer of protection against the “bad words”. In the interactive part, people will be able to create their own pictures in an open box concept with white walls. With the help of a graphoscope people can write their own words and project it on a white sheet and after we (me and Valentina) will take a picture of the person in question and send it by email.

The project will give visibility of the stigma created around women and why is that not correct. The labels that are put externally on little girls growing up and that somehow gets into their minds in a physiological and toxic way. Women are branded as “not good enough, not pretty enough, not worthy, dumb, sluts” and etc since a young age. The exposition is going to show the ugly and wrong way of it in photography format and after changing the dialogue by showing the actual truth of who women are and how they see themselves and how they want to be seen by society.

“About my skill and motivation for this project, I am a woman that has lived through some of the stigmas and had to learn how to believe in me despite what was being said. I also have experience with PR and marketing and a bit of organizing events.” – Helena, 23 years old, from Portugal.

Helena Caniço

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