Zega Sounds

The project “Zega Sounds” consists of creating an online music broadcasting platform on social media (via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch) for local electronic/experimental musicians, producers and visual artists based around Wrocław and eventually a wider territory. The main idea is to create a kind of radio, but with a main visual component: that it is going to be “broadcasted” via the YouTube channel ZEGA sounds by publishing video recordings of the different artists’ live and DJ sets (in a sort of Boiler Room or HÖR Berlin fashion). To make the recordings we are going to use the physical space of Czaso and of the concert hall inside Czaso, Łącznik Klub. At first the idea will be to upload a live/DJ set by different performers every two weeks. Depending on the amount of people interested in being featured as the project, a possible progress could be a different performance video uploaded every week. The music genre will be Electronic/experimental, privileging techno but still keeping a window open for a mixture with other genres (downtempo, ambient, drone, drum&bass/jungle, ecc).That could also be developed into further categorization and classification for different broadcasting programs (a specific day of the week only for hip-hop for example). The project will be divided in three phases: creation of content and networking/recording, promotion, live events.

The goal of the project is to create a space (both virtual and physical) where artists and electronic music enthusiasts can share, exchange, express, create, grow, experiment and enjoy themselves.

“I literally have no experience whatsoever, but as an artist, musician and party enthusiast I would love to invest my time doing something I enjoy and I think is meaningful by giving people the opportunity to grow, have fun and sustain themselves doing what they enjoy.” – Andrès, 26 years old, Mexico

Andrés Maldonado

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