Social Phone

The Social Phone project was a social project born at the end of September 2020, when the Pandemic uncertanity was reaching a remarkable level.

After the experience of the spring, which caught everyone unprepared, what we wanted was to provide help in the case of necessity was coming back.

  • What Bringing help for the activities like grocieries, buying medicine, walking the dogs, taking out the garbage for people who had not the possibility to do it due to COVID
  • Who The European volunteers + polish speakers help (in taking the calls)
  • How? Read below!

The target was initially the elderies: people living in the district where Czaso is located and having troubles in normal life duties because of the Pandemic; it was then extetended to all the people in quarantine. The volunteers were offering their help in buying groceries, bringing out the garbage, walking the dogs to the most vulnerable layers of the society. What we noticed in the spring was that very often the institutions failed to properly reach the vulnerable social groups: in front of the Coronavirus crisis, as an NGO we wanted to be ready to step in, especially in the uncertainaty of a lockdown. The project was later expanded to all the people of the neightboourd which were stuck at home in quarantine.

How did it work? First of all, we produced a poster which we printed, with the collaboration of Tratwa, in one hundred copies. Then a team of our volunteers walked around in the Biskupin area, hanging the poster outside of points of interest as supermarket, convenience stores, post offices, hairdressers and churces. On these posters, there was a telephone number to call: we bought specifically for that a second-hand phone, with a new sim card. The polish speakers of our group were taking care, over shifts, of the incoming calls, registering the needs of people. Then to tasks were handed over to the international volunteers, which were the ones phisically going to the supermarket, to the pharmacy and people houses.

Thanks to the incresivly positive response of the institutions towards to sanitary crisis, at the end the lockdown in Poland never arrived. About that, we are very grateful, and we still mark the importance of informal groups in the fight towards calamities, like the Pandemic is.

The social phone does not ring anymore, but what is important is making a change in the society, and never give up: and, in that, we think we succeded.

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