Volunteers’ workshops

” […] Beside all these social projects, we had another ambition: to integrate our volunteers group. We are all coming from very different backgrounds, and our different set of skills and passions could represent a huge potential of development for everyone. So, in the spirit of non-formal education, we decided to share these skills through a series of spontaneous workshops.”

You can read more about this in the article “Final of Season: Pandemia & Season One”, in our blog. Anyway, the point is simple: we are 12 people, we are very different, we got skills and we want to share them.

The individual workshops we organized so far include: a First Aid workshop, Organisation tools for work productivity, Italian cooking, Language games for kids animation, Theatre, History and Culture of Reunion Island, Tecniques for Debate, Languages and mutual understanding in languages of Europe. The list is continuosly updated.

Gallery & Social Media

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